25.    What is the biggest misunderstanding about vote by mail?

The biggest misunderstanding seems to be that vote by mail will force you to return your ballot by mail.  That is not true.

Vote by mail means every registered voter receives their ballot in the mail, without a requesting or application.

But vote by mail comes with at least three options for returning the completed ballot package.

Yes, you can let your mail carrier pick up your ballot return envelope from your residential mailbox or drop it off at the Post Office.  But there are two other options:

1.  Deliver your ballot return envelope to the county clerk’s office.

2.  Drop your ballot return envelope in one of the official ballot dropboxes that will be located throughout your county.  These are secure and emptied according to a schedule and protocol overseen by the county clerk.

For any voter who wants to wait and vote late in the process, the dropbox is the most practical option.

Of course, if you need to vote in person or require assistance, the county clerk’s office remains available.

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