24.    Are there other cost savings associated with vote by mail?

Yes.  In West Virginia, the typical election requires 9000+ poll workers and 1700+ polling places.  The taxpayers pay for all of this, including costs most of us don't think about:


  • Time and travel for poll workers;

  • Rent for polling places;

  • Overtime pay for county clerk staff who may be required to work extra hours for polling places to be adequately staffed.

The other cost cannot be quantified.  Poll workers tend to be older, and we know that older individuals are at higher risk for coronavirus infection.  Exposure time is another determinant of infection risk.


While the amount of time spent at a polling place for a voter may be short or long, poll workers spend hours each Election Day performing their public service.  It is simply not worth it to put so many West Virginians at risk during a pandemic.


We thank the League of Women Voters of West Virginia and the League of Women Voters of Morgantown-Monongalia County for their sponsorship.  The League is not responsible for content.
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