2.    I’m concerned about fraud.  How can vote by mail be secure?

Many experts believe that vote by mail is more secure than voting by machines commonly used today.


Vote by mail uses paper ballots, which cannot be hacked.  Vote by mail is more secure than the electronic app used, and now discarded, for military and overseas voters in recent West Virginia elections.

Ballots mailed to voters cannot be forwarded to a different address.  Instead, they are returned to the clerk so that records can be updated.  This mechanism for keeping voter addresses up to date is lacking in our current system.

Del. Hansen’s bill includes many other protections against potential fraud in vote by mail.  Prohibited acts, with severe penalties for violations, include:

  • marking someone’s ballot or signing a ballot return envelope other than your own;

  • voting in the name of someone else or attempting to vote multiple times;

  • assisting a voter, except as permitted by law;

  • copying fraudulent ballots, security envelopes, or ballot return envelopes;

  • selling or attempting to purchase ballots, security envelopes, or ballot return envelopes;

  • attempting to force, coerce, or unduly influence a voter to vote in any particular way;

  • attempting to impede or interfere with a voter’s choice when marking a ballot;

  • attempting to dissuade a voter from voting at all;

  • attempting to alter, deface, destroy, or fail to deliver a ballot marked by a legitimate voter.

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