18.    Absentee voting is an option.  Why force people into vote by mail?

In West Virginia, absentee voting is not available to everyone.

In order to vote absentee, a voter must fit into a category of eligibility and fill out a complex form to request an absentee ballot.  In some cases, the request must be accompanied by private medical information.  Then, county clerks must adjudicate each absentee request, although it is unclear how that is possible when the request involves medical issues.

Theoretically, the law could be changed to enable no-excuse absentee voting, as some other states have done.  But that still leaves voters having to request an absentee ballot and clerks having to manage two separate elections, the absentee one and the in-person one.

Some states with rising numbers of absentee ballot requests have found that is the best rationale for going to a full vote by mail system.


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