13.    What other states use vote by mail?  Why?

Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Utah, and Washington have statewide systems.  Some other states have partial, but not statewide, vote by mail systems.

Oregon is the oldest, enacted by a citizen initiative in 1998.  The Oregon vote by mail idea came from a county clerk who realized the inefficiency of mailing sample ballots to all voters who would then have to come to polling places to cast their votes.

Some states have moved to vote by mail to ease the burden of managing dual systems:  in-person polling places coupled with increasing numbers of absentee ballot requests.

In 2011, West Virginia tried a Vote by Mail Pilot Program for certain municipalities, including Morgantown.  From all the historical accounts we have found, it was successful and increased voter participation in local elections.


We thank the League of Women Voters of West Virginia and the League of Women Voters of Morgantown-Monongalia County for their sponsorship.  The League is not responsible for content.
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